Camden Group are proud of the latest addition to their fleet, the Volvo FH-500. We have caught up with Camden driver Nicholas, to find out what makes our latest lorry, King of the Road.

Q1: Nicholas, Camdens latest lorry is certainly eye catching. What features have been installed to make the exterior of the FH-500 outstanding?

We have invested a large amount of time and attention to detail with our latest addition on the road. When designing the additional features on the FH-500, we wanted a lorry that was striking … something you wouldn’t miss when you drove past it. We implemented visual features such as chrome lighting bars, LED spotlights, and additional paintwork including the interior with a lime green dashboard to match Camden’s trademark branding.

Q2: As an experienced lorry driver driving across the UK and Ireland, I can imagine that comfort is key when selecting a lorry. What makes Volvo stand out compared to other lorry models?

Volvo is without a doubt an industry leader in lorry transportation, with a high standard of security features, making it a comfortable journey on the road. The safety features include an automatic emergency braking system which is helpful on long  journeys. Delivering across the UK and Ireland can mean I am driving for a long period of time on motorways, so the high safety features help my journey be as comfortable and safe as possible. In saying that with a memory foam bed, microwave, fridge, and freezer, the Volvo FH-500 is without a doubt one of the most comfortable lorries I have driven.

Q3: The Volvo FH-500 is the newest model to the fleet. What all has it been up to in it’s first few months in Camden Group?

We have had a pretty eventful couple of months with the new lorry, especially after the success of Camden Groups participation in the FIT Show 2017. The FH-500 has had a busy month delivering across the UK and Ireland. We also got the lorry some exposure being involved in two truck festivals this summer, The Causeway Coast Truck Fest and Truckers 4 Charity 2017 Truck Festival. Our lorries are a pride and joy of the company so we like them to make appearances at any opportunity, especially if it is charity related.

Q4: Camden Group drivers treat their lorries with pride and joy. How do you maintain the Camden standard with the Volvo FH-500?

I think members of the public will never truly understand the amount of time, drivers will spend in a lorry. It is practically our second home, so comfort and cleanliness is essential. All lorries including the FH-500 are washed before and after every run, meaning they can be cleaned up to two or three times weekly. We have a full size heavy goods vehicle (HGV) washing bay on the factory site. Having this facility on site means all of our lorries are washed and ensures we keep up our reputation, as one of the cleanest operators on the roads.

Q5: Finally Nicholas, What is your favourite feature of the Volvo FH-500?

The new Volvo FH-500 is my pride and joy, there are so many reasons why I love driving this lorry. It’s appearance, comfort, and safety features make doing my job as comfortable as it possibly can and confirms Volvo UK’s status as an industry leader in vehicle manufacturing. For me personally my favourite feature as a driver is the I-Shift gearbox, which allows me the flexibility to drive in automatic or manual. This new lorry is definitely a contender for King of the Road in my eyes.


Camden Group would like to personally thank Volvo UK, and Dennison Commercials Ltd for their efforts and contribution in the design and implementation of our latest lorry.

We also would like to thank Nicholas Thompson and all of our lorry drivers for the care and respect they show their lorries when delivering across the UK and Ireland.