To produce the highest quality products, every aspect of the production process needs to be right. Although every stage of the production process is critical,  it goes without saying that it’s absolutely vital that you get it right from the very start. If it’s not perfect then, it will never be perfect.

“Creating a fully automated sealed unit production facility that will put us at the forefront of glass  production technology is the next phase in Camden’s investment programme to create the most advanced window and door production plant in Europe, “says Roy Harrison, Camden’s GB Sales Manager. “As part of Camden’s on-going investment programme, we have recently commissioned two new Hegla Optimax Plus automated glass cutting centres in our new automated glass factory.”

“Maximising volume throughput and maintaining the highest levels of quality are bed fellows that often don’t sit comfortably together, but with the new Heglas Camden gets the best of  both worlds. The fully automated cutting systems are designed for high volume, precision cutting of coated and uncoated float glass. The high speed cutting bridge on the Optimax Plus are always perfectly adapted to the cutting contour, guaranteeing consistently accurate cut quality. The automatic cutting tables are fully integrated into Camden’s sales and production systems to create the optimum cutting plan to achieve maximium efficiency and minimal wastage glass, including both straight and shaped cutting.”

“The new high speed, high precision centres, also have a key role to play in supporting our overall drive to minimise turnaround times on our windows and doors.”