When it comes to fitting new windows and doors in your home there are many things that you must into take into consideration. One of which is the material you are fitting. uPVC is a popular choice with many advantages …

Durability uPVC is the most durable material on the market. Although other trends such as wood or Aluminium are also popular, these materials can warp and rust whereas uPVC is weather tight, including salt erosion. uPVC is non corrosive, will not rust or rot and best of all, will not let damp or cold into your home.

Maintenance One of the greatest things about uPVC frames is that they require relatively low maintenance. There will be no need for you to continuously paint the frames or replace. uPVC can be easily cleaned with just soap and warm water.

Insulation uPVC offer energy efficient properties including the availability of triple glazing. The space between the panes prevents cold air and draughts from entering your home and the warm air and heat from escaping. As well as not letting the heat out of your home the triple glazed uPVC windows will restrict the amount of noise coming into your home, perfect if you live close to a busy street or main road.

Triple glazing

Triple glazing

Security Due to the durability of uPVC is it extremely resilient and therefore highly effective in terms of security. The frames are developed for maximum solidity meaning they therefore have a virtually impact-resistant core and surface. Multi-point locking systems are available on uPVC doors as well as the added option of cylinder locking mechanisms, making your home extremely safe and secure.

Design When uPVC was first introduced years ago plain white windows were the only option. Today, there are a huge range of colours, designs and accessory options. From bright yellow to traditional oak, there are uPVC windows and doors available for everyone’s taste and home.

Cost One of the most appealing factor of uPVC windows is the cost, especially compared to other competitive materials. It comes in at a relatively lower cost, depending on colour and accessory choice. On the most part, it is a better value material with a longer lifetime value.

Recycling uPVC is a highly recyclable material with off cuts, used windows and doors etc. being ground down and reformulated into frames. Companies are now able to use the material more environmentally friendly.

Interested in uPVC? Our windows and doors come with a 10-15 year guarantee. Download our brochure here or get a quote.