“Choosing the right entrance door is a huge decision for homeowners. It’s an investment – financially and in adding value to their home,” says Roy Harrison, Camden’s GB Sales Manager. “Over the past few years, one of the biggest trends and consumer demands on ourselves as a manufacturer  is the desire for people to able to stick their own mark on their home.  And the front door is a real statement maker that can really set a house off and add real value to the property. “

“But looks and personalisation are only one part of the equation, and these are often outweighted by the desire or the need for enhanced security or, for example, if they live in an exposed area, improved weather performance.”

“Step in the new Arcadia double rebate composite  door – a case of beauty meets beast ; a door that still offers consumers stunning looks and a huge choice of styles, colours and glass, but combines theses with a virtually impact resistant, 70mm, GRP-skinned slab and frame for maximum security, a polyurethane foam core and triple glazing for outstanding energy efficiency and continuous compressed double seal for optimum weather performance.”

If it’s maximum weather protection you’re after, a double rebate doors is the right choice for your customers; if it’s better energy efficiency, a double rebate is the right choice; and in terms of security, they are the perfect deterrent. And with an Arcadia double rebate composite door, your customers can get all of this without having to compromise on looks or choice.

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