If you are thinking of making some changes to your home or starting to build a new home, you may be thinking about how you can be more energy efficient. There are plenty of new technologies out there including the new option for your windows – triple glazing. But why should you go for triple glazing?

Do you find your house loosing heat? Or maybe you receive a high volume of noise from a nearby road? Triple glazing is the answer. There are a large amount of advantages to upgrading to triple glazing:

Save money

Triple glazing can capture warmth from natural sunlight and bring it into your home. Not only that; but the extra layer of glazing will create excellent thermal insulation, therefore keeping the heat in your home and reducing your energy bills.

Increased comfort

With increased heat in your home, triple glazing will then also increase the comfort of your building by eliminating cold spots and draughts near windows.

Greater security

Are you looking for increased security within your home? The three panes of glass will allow for a more secure window, making it harder for the glass to break.

Sound reduction

Triple glazing offers a significant reduction in noise pollution – so it is ideal for those living in noisy areas. It also keeps noise from the elements out.


Is your build eco-friendly? The reduction of energy resources for heat will be a positive influence on the environment.


Camden Group are now offering triple glazed options on windows. For a quote or more information contact us today.