Having manufactured uPVC windows and doors for over 30 years, we wouldn’t be where we are today without our dedicated team and the machinery we use to produce our products. Camden Group have a wide range of innovative machinery for various purposes, including our Bystronic Insulated Glass (IG) Line which gives us a huge advantage.


What is the Bystronic IG Line?

The Bystronic IG Line is an automated solution that results in the insulation of glass and increases the capacity of insulated units of glass that can be conducted during production. This tailor made solution, means that the machine can automatically run panes of glass through the system, reducing the manual efforts and enhancing the insulation quality.


What are the stages in the line?

It is important during the production stages that our dedicated team monitor the different stages;

  1. The glass order is processed on a bespoke computerised system, including order details such as the requested glazing option, and measurements. Our team will place the specific sheets of glass onto the automatic line belt.


  1. All sheets of glass will then be washed and dried ensuring that the glass sheets are fully clean before they will be merged into a glass panel.


  1. The next stage in the line focuses on inserting desiccant filler inside the spacer bar. The thermal energy inserted therefore ensures that heat remains inside the window.


  1. The spacer bar is then placed in between the bespoke sheets of glass and compressed together removing any trapped air inside the glass panel.


  1. Finally, glass sealant is then applied to the exterior and corners of the sandwiched sheets of glass and spacer bar forming the window panel.


The Bystronic insulated glass line plays a huge role in the production of our windows. The implementation of the tailor made machinery has helped us achieve a 30,000 weekly capacity in our production site. The combination of a dedicated working force, and innovative technology has helped us grow into a market leader in uPVC.