uPVC recycling in 2016 has reportedly reached a new high with 120,392 tonnes being diverted from landfill. Camden Group are a huge contributor to this producing our own profile system containing 80% recycled material.

 Not only do we at Camden Group manufacture our own profile system, we also take extreme measures to ensure that we are looking after our environment in the process. The introducing of our extrusion site means we are able to recycle plastic waste and manufacture it into our in-house profile.

Transforming 160 tonne of waste a week into profile we are delighted to have recycled an astounding 41,600 tonnes in 5 years. The volume of plastic we have diverted from landfill to recycle is unimaginable, but what exactly is 41,600 tonnes the equivalent of?

In five years, Camden Group the volume we have recycled is …

  • 3 times heavy as The Brooklyn Bridge.
  • 4 times heavy as The Eiffel Tower.
  • 2 times heavy as The Statue of Liberty.
  • 400 times heavy as a Blue Whale.
  • 250 times heavy as a House
  • 3,500 times heavy as a Cruise Ship Anchor.

41,600 tonnes is virtually impossible to imagine, however the comparisons speaks volumes. Camden Group have invested recycling methods into the company, which over the period of five years has dramatically reduced the waste potential in production.  As a company that produce a large volume of uPVC products across the UK & Ireland, we are delighted we can say that the volume we have recycled over 5 years will have impacted our environment.




The implementation of our own extrusion site has resulted in us achieving 80% recycled content in our uPVC profile. As a business it is our duty to care for our environment, reducing waste, reducing pollution.