Caring for our environment is a core value of Camden Group, so we are delighted to announce that we have been re-certified with the BSI ISO 14001 certificate of registration in Environmental Management System.

So what does this mean for Camden and what are the benefits of a business going green?

With our bespoke Inliten profile system containing 80% recycled content, this accreditation acknowledges the company’s commitment to the environment and reinforces our place as a leading eco-friendly manufacture in the UK and Ireland.

The BSI ISO 14001 certificate itself ensures that we meet the standard requirements in the extrusion of uPVC profile, and the recycling of uPVC components when manufacturing. With an extrusion site based in Antrim, we recycle both post-industrial and post-consumer materials, to maintain the standard that our products are environmentally friendly.

The certificate can only mean good things for the environmental attitudes of Camden Group. Roy Palmer, the companies Health and Safety Manager commented “We at Camden Group take our environmental responsibility seriously and have in place an Environmental Management System (EMS) which indicates how we ensure that our process and activities do not have an impact on the environment. We ensure that our environmental activities are well managed and continuously improving.”.

Camden Group are proud of their environmental efforts in production having recently been awarded with an Industrial Symbiosis Award in early 2017. Today many companies across the UK and Ireland are verging towards an environmentally friendly approach, but what exactly are the benefits of ‘going green’ in business?

Improves Sustainability

Making business decisions that are environmentally friendly can reduce the reliance on various natural resources.

Recycling is Cost Effective

Implementing recycling methods within a business will reduce the company needs for materials as they are being reused in other ways. This will eliminate the purchasing needs of the company and overall improve the cost overheads of a business.

‘Going Green’ Can Attract New Customers

Being publicly known as a business with eco values can have a promotional impact for a company’s public image. Having eco values can make a business outstanding to their competitors and generate a positive attitude to their brand awareness, being known as a company who value the environment in what they do.

We are delighted with our Environmental recognition in Camden Group, and would like to personally thank all of your employees for working together to ensure that our company maintains it standards in protecting our environment.


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