A Carbon Footprint is the overall amount of greenhouse gas emissions associated with an organisation. It is the most common way to measure the effect a company has on its environment. An increase in greenhouse gas emissions has been the suggested primary event associated with climate change that has led to global warming.

As a large organisation, Camden Group are committed to climate care and fully recognise the extent to which our factories effect the environment. As an award winning company in waste management, Camden take a range of steps to ensure we are reducing our Carbon Footprint.

Diverting waste to landfill

As manufacturers of uPVC, Camden Groups key focus is to be environmentally aware of our product and the effect it has to landfills. Camden Groups product consist of up to 80% recycled content, produced at our own recycling factory. This factory takes in old uPVC from customers and partners and recycles it to create part of our bespoke profile. The result is that 160 tonnes per week are being diverted from landfill, therefore reducing our Carbon footprint.


Our machines use the most up to date technology to reduce the amount of energy needed to run the factories. We are constantly researching the most innovative machinery to ensure we are being environmentally aware.

Paper free environment

Internally we have developed a wide range of IT systems including our bespoke window designer software, credit control systems, loading scheduling, product tracking systems and HR systems. These systems allow us to work within a paperless environment, again reducing our Carbon Footprint.

Working with like-minded companies

Camden Group try to recycle as much as possible. The uPVC that is recycled is brought to the company through various methods including partnerships made with other companies to use their excess and used materials.

Although we try to recycle as much as possible, we cannot use the rubber, metals etc. that would be used in uPVC products such as windows. With the materials that cannot be recycled by us, we distribute them to companies that can use it. For example, the rubber found in old windows is used by a company to make cow mats and also used by for flooring in equestrian arenas. This allows Camden to extend their commitment to the environment and help other companies to do the same.


Camden Group are the largest trade frame manufacturer in the UK and Ireland and the only window company in UK and Ireland with full onsite recycling, extrusion, design, production and logistics facilities. Due to the size of organisation, we are responsible for large deliveries to the UK and Ireland on a daily basis. However, these deliveries are managed by our in house logistics department to ensure we are not making wasted journeys, doubling up on areas and generating high emissions unnecessarily. On return visits we ensure our trucks are bringing back post consumer uPVC for recycling.

Awards and certificates

Within 2017 Camden Group have been recognised for their environmental commitment. In September the group was re-certified with the BSI ISO 14001 certificate of registration in Environmental Management System. The BSI ISO 14001 certificate ensures that we meet the standard requirements in the extrusion of uPVC profile, and the recycling of uPVC components when manufacturing.

Also this year, Camden have been finalists in the UTV Business Eye Awards – Waste Reduction Project of the Year and winners at the Sustainable Ireland Awards – Industrial Symbiosis.


Camden Group will continuously invest in the environment and develop our recycling procedures and systems. To find out more about our eco-friendly products click here.