Camden offer a wide range of products from composite, panel and patios doors to French, casement and tilt ‘n’ turn windows. Across the six factories Camden have the capacity to produce 30,000 units a dedicated team from our 700 staff take care of the Specials Department.

The Specials Department produces Camden’s bespoke orders; arches, curved frames and shaped windows. A team with 20 years’ experience, use tailor made templates to calculate the exact measurements the uPVC needs to be shaped to in order to create the customer’s specific shapes and dimensions.

The uPVC is heated and softened using a large specialist oven, reaching temperatures up to 180° for 10-15 minutes. The relaxed uPVC is then clamped onto a mould at specific dimensions to create the precise custom-made shape. Once cooled, the shaped frames are passed throughout the remainder the of frame process, quality checked and dispatched.

The process is a precise and detailed one and the department is getting busier and busier with alternatively shaped windows and doors on the rise in the housing market. New build houses are increasingly having a feature window or decorative arched frames to give them a modern feel.

The shaped frames are made to the same high standards of durability as standard and traditional Camden frames. Made from 80% recycled content the frames are robust, secure, energy efficient, easily maintained and beautifully designed.

If you have an alternative project you are working on and would like to enquire about getting custom made shaped frames produced, contact your Camden representative today or call the office on 028 9446 2419.

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