Following a competitive tender process, Camden Group is delighted to announce that it has been appointed as the window and door supplier to Evander Group, one of the UK’s leading specialists in glazing, doors and windows. Through its national infrastructure of 19 depots, Evander provides 24/7, emergency response and fulfilment services to UK domestic insurers (including major brands such as Aviva, LBG and RSA), the commercial sector and direct to consumers.

“Because of the nature of its business (with two-thirds of business coming from the insurance sector, the Evander contract presented fresh new challenges for Camden,” says Sales Manager, Roy Harrison. “Generally with a major customer the size of Evander, you’re manufacturing and delivering large numbers of windows and doors to a specific site or depot. As an emergency service, our work with Evander flips that model on its head and requires us to fulfil a very large number of orders, usually consisting of a single replacement door or window, and delivering those orders up to twice a week  across their full depot network, from Aberdeen to Plymouth. From a manufacturing perspective, it’s not too different as every product  we produce is bespoke anyway. From an IT, project management and logistics perspective, however, it’s a very different ball game,  and our ability to deliver such a complex contract is  testimony to the innovation and  investment  Camden has made in our IT  and management infrastructure and logistics capabilities over the past couple of years. All of which goes to show that, for Camden, no order is too small!”

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Camden and Evander

The guys from Evander called in to say hello at the Fit Show.