What are packers used for?

When fitting a window, glazing packers are required to position the unit properly into the window frame. When lifting a unit into position, there will be a small gap all around to enable it to sit properly in the window frame. Packers are needed in between the unit and the window frame to importantly, raise the unit up so that it will never be sitting in water.

On a top hung window the glass would be positioned on a couple of glazing packs to lift the glass unit up to prevent it being sat in any water. But also would be packed over the top to prevent the plastic flexing if anyone was to try to break in by prising open the window with a crow bar.

On a side hung window the packers would be positioned on the bottom hinge side corner and the top opposing corner, this process is known as toe and heeling which helps to prevent the side opener from sagging over time. On completion of the toe and healing process on a side hung window you then need to pack both sides of the window glass unit again to prevent any flex in the frame in case anyone tried to break in by prising the frame with a crow bar. It is also good practice on a side hung opener to finally place packs in the remaining corners of the opener to completely secure the frame and make it rigid.

Camden Group Packers

Camden Group understand the importance of having the best tools and equipment when fitting a window or door and being able to provide these tools to our customers is of the upmost importance.

When it comes to window packers, they come in all shapes and sizes. However, the bespoke design of Camden Group’s packers means that they all click perfectly into our “Inliten” profile system.

These specially designed packers assist the drainage of water from the profile through the inventive technology. The packers fit flush within the profile meaning our customers do not need to worry about carrying different sized packers, as one size fits all Camden windows.

If you would like to purchase the Camden packers please contact a member of our customer service team today on 028 9446 2419.