Camden are innovators and have been market leaders in PVCu products for over 38 years. By constantly identifying and improving our products and processes, Camden have created Inliten our own comprehensive PVCu product range. Using the experience gained over the years we designed a window and door system that not only performs to the highest thermal values but also is user friendly and is aesthetically pleasing to the home owner and developer alike . 

Inliten windows and doors are supplied in the United Kingdom and Ireland. These markets are governed by five different building regulations with many commonalities but also some differences. Customers are having different preferences as well, and a window and door system should be versatile enough to match the demands of the target markets. Inliten has been designed to implement nearly every known window style, for new build, replacement, domestic and commercial properties.

Camden is offering a comprehensive range of products to satisfy most of the demands of domestic and commercial projects. All main profiles have multiple chambers to provide excellent thermal performance and have a central reinforcement chamber to accommodate strong reinforcements for structural strength and to reduce thermal expansion and contraction of profiles covered with decorative foils.

All of the main profiles of the Inliten system are co‐extruded, having a core of window grade recycled PVCu, prepared at Camden’s own facilities and a layer of virgin PVCu, covering all visible surfaces.

We have included market leading features like positive drainage, concealed gaskets, multi chambers and a system which caters for both 28mm double and 40mm triple glazing, ensuring Inliten products are designed for longevity, maximum design impact and of course, strength and security. 

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