If you’re an avid reader and Windows Active, GGP, Clearview or Pro Installer are on your must read list, you may have noticed some of our new ads. The new ads will focus on key features and benefits of our products and being a Camden customer.

The first in the new series– Get More Door – plays on the added benefits you and your customers get with our superb Arcadia double door range; more security, more durability, more energy efficiency, more weather performance. Plus the many other mores you get in terms of styles, colour choices, glass options, warranties……
The more theme continues with the Delivering Confidence ad with its focus on our investment in production facilities, local services and our logistics infrastructure to ensure we continually give our customers more.

As with all of our ads, the ads themselves are part of the more approach. If you need a suite of ads adapted to help you drive more business, just give us a call or speak to your sales rep