Technology is constantly changing the way we do things and, with it, the expectations we all have as customers. As consumers, we want things faster, better, more accurate than ever before. We want more choice, more personalisation, more features. And we don’t really want to have to pay more for it. As a manufacturer, standing still or ignoring consumer demands is not an option. Balancing the “we want more but at no extra cost” equation is a challenge. To balance the equation you need to drive efficiency and this applies as much to a window and door manufacturer as it does to a mobile phone manufacturer.

At Camden, we are committed to producing the best, most innovative products on the market and providing our customers with a world-class service. To drive efficiency and product quality and maintain our position as a market-leader,  we need to continually invest in new and improved technologies that will add value to our products and meet growing customer demands for faster turnaround and lead times. The investment in four new Rapid machining centres on our frame production facility; the investment in new robotic technology for the manufacture of our Arcadia composite doors; and the investment in creating the most advanced automated sealed unit production facility in Europe are just some of the visible signs of our commitment to maintaining our position as the number 1 trade supplier in the UK and Ireland.; our commitment to working with you to provide your customers with the best products available on the market.

Camden Group first shoot Picture: David Cordner © Copyright 2016