The Halloween season is now finally approaching, when all the gruesome villains come to life. Our composite door range have multiple characteristics to ensure that any spooky characters will not be entering your home at the scariest time of the year, not even a gruesome twosome.

In our previous online article on selecting a composite door, we highlight that one of the important aspects to consider is security. A composite door has various characteristics that increase its appeal including the appearance, durability, and motion flexibility when it opens and closes. However in saying that the key importance of selecting a door will always be based on how secure it is.

Our composite door range is energy efficient, provides optimal weather resistance, and most importantly has maximum security. Having 16 style options in our range, and the option of single and double rebate, it really does prove the monster of all doors.

  • The materials used to create our composite doors

Our composite doors are constructed from high-density polyurethane foam, with a timber and glass-reinforced plastic outer skin. The core of our doors being polyurethane foam means our door provides outstanding levels of strength enhancing their durability.

The material of our doors offer an impact-resistant core and surface including the glass reinforced plastic. Glass reinforced plastic has been proven to have a higher strength ratio than mild steel so the materials in all styles of our doors combined ensure they are impact-resistant.

Finally for that extra security, our composite doors are fitted to an Inliten steel reinforced door frame with door threshold options enhancing the weather-resistance.

  • The locking systems implemented on our composite doors

The Camden composite doors are all fitted with a multi-point locking system for the highest level of security and safety. A multi-point locking system means that both the top and bottom of the door are simultaneously locked immobilising any movement of the door. High security cylinder locking mechanisms are also optional to our customers, tested to Pas 24 requirements.

We highly value the quality and durability on all our products, to ensure that our customers in the UK and Ireland are safe and satisfied with our products in their homes. With all of the features we have implemented on our composite doors, we can guarantee that your house will be safe and secure this Halloween, SO secure you won’t even have to worry about a Ghost walking through your composite door.

Our composite doors come in the option of 44mm single rebate, or 70mm double rebate. To find out more on our composite doors and the 16 style options download our E brochure in the link below.


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