Camden Group don’t only extrude and manufacture uPVC products, we also deliver them across the UK and Ireland. So, when it comes to transportation, we like to ensure we remain an industry market leader, and thankfully our latest investment in transport proves it.

The delivery and customer service we provide is what has made us a reputable company for 35 years and is a constant company focus. We are delighted to introduce to our Transport department the MOFFETT truck mounted forklift. The forklifts are transported to delivering destinations, offloading Camden products for customers and are designed to attach on to the back of our trailers. The implementation will prove a massive enhancement to the company, but what exactly are the benefits to Camden and for our customers?

Improves Timescale of tasks

A MOFFETT truck mounted forklift allows the driver to unload cargo without having to wait around for assistance. Simply disengage the forklift from the truck, unload the cargo, reconnect the forklift, and head off to make more deliveries. The system therefore means that the timescale of on/off loading is reduced.

Maintaining Quality

A MOFFETT truck is also a reliable workhorse with its rugged construction. The volume it can lift and the conditions it can manoeuvre in will allow us to maintain our standards in product quality. The truck therefore loads the products securely preventing any damage that could occur from manual loading.

Healthy and Safety

Health and Safety risks are high when loading lorries due to the heavy volume of products. A manual loading system entails employees physically applying the products on and off the trailers which can result in various injuries so the implementation of a MOFFEETT system reduces the potential risks. Features of the MOFFETT truck include the visibility of the operator’s compartment when driving the truck meaning an excellent field of vision which prevents risks for the operator and anyone in the loading area. Other safety features when driving the truck include an interlocking seatbelt, and overhead guards. The truck conforms to ROPS and FOPS requirements, so the Health and Safety risks are decreased from all aspects.

The MOFFETT truck mounted forklift system will provide many enhancements both internally and externally in Camden. The introduction of in-house forklift training within Camden will allow employees the opportunities to be trained in driving a forklift meaning an array of employees will be able to manoeuvre the MOFFETT including our drivers.

The training not only is practical for working purposes within Camden but also improves the opportunities for employees to nurture and develop skills in the company. Overall this modernised approach to delivering and loading products will create a more efficient Camden delivery system.

We would like to specially thank MOFFETT for all their efforts in the implementation of our new loading system.