Recycling is in the frame at Camden Group

Recycling Is In The Frame At Camden Group

As a PVCu supplier, we assessed our contribution to landfills and the effect our production process was having on the environment – with tonnes of plastic being thrown away to landfills every year, we decided to make a change.

Previous to 2012, we used the PVCu profile system of another manufacturer to produce our windows and doors, but with the downturn in the economy, we decided it would be more financially astute for us to produce our own profile system.

We wanted to develop our own product to increase overall output and allow us to supply to a wider market, all while re-investing for long term success.

And so… the innovative ‘Inliten’ profile – a product unique to our customers– was created!

Sustainability is always front of mind and it features 80% recycled content from our own Recycling Factory at our Co. Antrim base.

The unique co-extrusion process also ensures that all external visible surfaces feature 100% virgin PVCu to ensure a perfect finish and eliminate the risk of decolourisation. This forms the additional 20% of the frame which we produce.

When developing this recycling system for our frames, we took into account what our competitors were doing and then decided we would reach beyond.

The industry average of recycled PVCu is an estimated 15-30%, setting us well apart from our competitors.

We invested millions of pounds in the research and development of the most up-to-date recycling machinery and this heavy investment has helped us create one of the greenest and most environmentally-sustainable product ranges on the market today.

The recycling facility reduces the amount of waste going to landfill (from both our customers and from our manufacturing facilities) by around 120 tonnes per week.

Our continued growth as a business has also led to a further investment of £150,000 in our recycling division as we’ve established a new processing plant on the Prees Industrial Estate in Shropshire.

The site is more than 1.5 acres in size and houses the new PVCu processing machinery, weighbridge and warehouse.

Investing in our own recycling plant in England makes economic sense as we can shred the old PVCu frames into much smaller pieces, then transport it back to our manufacturing plant in Northern Ireland.

This process enables us to ship materials more economically than if they were still in complete frames, improving transport utilisation and being better for the environment.

The new premises is currently processing 30-50 tonnes of materials a week, and all extracted metals such as steel and aluminum are sold back to dealers to prevent useful items going to landfill.

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