The Green Agenda: “It’s time to wake up.”

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Whilst for years ‘sustainability’ has been thrown around as a popular buzzword, all of this has really brought to the fore the critical importance of taking action to protect our planet. Added to that, then, the heightened international profile of Eco activists like Greta Thunberg means that sustainability and the race to carbon zero is ranking higher and higher on the agenda not only for political leaders and policy makers, but for employers and consumers alike globally.  As Greta Thunberg has told us:

“It’s time to wake up.”

As the market leader in manufacturing and supplying PVCu windows and doors in the UK, Camden Group has the opportunity to lead the way for change in the industry, and this is exactly what we are doing. We know a thing or two about environmentally friendly practices and, what’s more, we’ve invested heavily in embedding them across everything we do.

We demonstrate an unrivalled dedication and commitment to recycling, all of which we carry out on our own on-site plant. Each week approximately 160 tonnes of old PVCu frames that would normally be sent to landfill are recycled. Our window frames are then made from 80% recycled content, with just 20% virgin product used to cover exposed surfaces

Furthermore, we have recently been working with the Carbon Trust with the aim of establishing a ‘Carbon Trust Footprint Label’ accreditation on our A-rated windows. This has included a site visit from the Trust, who came to our 42-acre site in Northern Ireland to find out about our environmental and manufacturing processes.

Launched in 2007, their Footprint Label provides assurance on our commitment to sustainability. With consumers increasingly asking questions and making more informed decisions on where they choose to spend their money, we feel that gaining this universally recognised endorsement is the perfect way for us to communicate to our customers how dedicated we are to innovation to reduce our carbon footprint.

We are continually striving towards making our business more sustainable, even winning the Made in Northern Ireland 2019 Manufacturing and Innovation Award, thanks to our Inliten profile system which remakes waste material into other products for sale.

In another move to make recycling as easy and accessible for our customers, we’re proactively collecting old window frames from installers and existing customers, limiting the chances for them to end up in landfill. Frames are then taken to one of our two extrusion sites in Antrim or Staffordshire. We’re doing as much as we can ensure that we continually develop and expand a robust environmental agenda that sustains us into the future, and we want to help you do as much as you can for the environment too.

Join Camden in the quest for a more sustainable future – it’s not only Greta who will thank you.

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