Camden Cares – Camden Group achieve a ‘Carbon Trust CO2 measured label’

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After working with the Carbon Trust, we are delighted to have achieved the Carbon Trust CO2 measured Footprint Label on all our windows and doors. Camden is passionate about making our products and processes as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible.

“Camden Group have been dedicated over the last 10 years in ensuring our products are both thermally efficient and environmentally friendly. We are thrilled to be the only PVC window and door manufacturer, in the UK and Ireland, to be recognised with the CO2 measured Label” – Roy Harrison, Head of Sales at the Camden Group

Thanks to Camden’s closed loop recycling process, products are made up of 80% recycled material. We do this by collecting post-consumer frames at the recycling facility, where they are crushed, milled and reused. Camden reduces the amount of waste going to landfill by approximately 150 tonnes per week.

We were very proud to host the Carbon Trust when they visited our 42-acre site in Northern Ireland. The Carbon Trust were able to witness first-hand Camden’s dedication to sustainability as they toured the recycling facility and factory to learn about the manufacturing process.

The Carbon Footprint certification provides third party evidence on the numbers involved.  More than ever consumers are becoming environmentally conscious and prefer to support companies who are actively striving to be greener. Camden feel that gaining this universally recognised label is the perfect way for us to communicate to our customers how dedicated we are to sustainability.

“The Carbon Trust is pleased to certify Camden Group as Carbon Measured. The initiatives undertaken to achieve this certification demonstrate the company’s commitment to measure the carbon impacts of their product." – Silvana Centty, Senior Manager at the Carbon Trust Advisory 

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