Leisure Homes

Camden has created a bespoke profile system produced exclusively for the leisure home industry, designed to integrate seamlessly with caravan production processes including an internal liner which can be adjusted to different design variations in wall depth.

By choosing Camden for your leisure home project, you will have access to our market-leading range of windows and glazing. With quality and innovation at the heart of everything we do, Camden windows are designed and made using our advanced manufacturing techniques at our state-of-the-art production site. 

  • Excellent A-rated energy performance 
  • Consistently low U-values
  • 80% recycled content in windows and frames
  • 100% lead-free and virgin skin frame surfaces
  • Sculptured finish with a range of RAL colour foiled finishes
  • Fully welded for strength and consistency
Vogue Classique Exterior V1

Improved U-Values

Camden is proud to offer excellent WER and U-values which frequently exceed the industry standard.

U-values take into account all components of the window including the frame, glass and spacer bar, ensuring all round efficiency.

Our double-glazed windows offer U-values as low as 1.4W/m3k which is an ‘A’ energy rating, as standard with the option to reduce the overall U-value to 1.2W/m3k. By selecting triple-glazed windows, featuring Soft Coat Xtra and Argon gas, you can further reduce the whole window value to only 0.8 W/m3k.

Camden products are independently tested and certified and exceed building regulation requirements for energy efficiency. We are also accredited by Secured by Design, BSI and the Energy Saving Trust.

By Choosing Camden, you can reduce the van’s heat loss by more than 20%.  



Caravan before replacement door and windows                Caravan after replacement door and windows   

  • Competitive Turnaround

  • 5 Trade Centres

  • 15 Year Guarantee

  • Trading Since 1983

  • 80% Recycled