With our Composite door range, there is no compromising. Maximum security, optimal weather resistance and enhanced energy efficiency are combined with style and quality, a case of beauty meets beast. With 16 door styles, countless glazing options and a whole colour palate to choose from, there also are endless possibilities for personalisation to enable you to make your own grand entrance and create a stunning and lasting gateway to your home. But our doors give you so much more than just a beautiful looking door.

Double rebated Composite Doors are 70mm in width and offer exceptional levels of durability, strength and impact-resistance. Door slabs also overlap with the frame; ensuring the door is fully sealed and providing enhanced thermal and weather performance.

  • 16 doors styles from classic to contemporary to suit any home
  • Huge colour choice with Camden Colour Palate
  • Available in 44mm single rebate or 70mm double rebate options

Design your own composite door

Thermally efficient foam core ocmposite door

Thermally efficient, insulating foam core

Composite Doors are designed to provide high levels of energy performance; polyurethane foam, the core material of a composite door, offering outstanding levels of heat insulation and thermal efficiency. Multi-chambers within the door frame further increases the energy performance of the door by acting as a barrier against heat loss.

For the ultimate in energy efficiency, choose an Arcadia double rebated doors fitted with 50mm triple glazed units. Triple glazing features high-performance coated glass which reflects internal heat back into the home, thereby improving thermal performance and energy wastage.

High performance multi-point locking system for composite doors

High density foam core and multi-point locking system

Constructed from high-density polyurethane foam, timber and glass-reinforced plastic outer skins, Arcadia Composite Doors offer outstanding levels of strength and durability. A lightweight material, GRP has a higher strength ratio than mild steel, making the door virtually impact-resistant – the materials of the composite door offer a virtually impact-resistant core and surface.

Multi-point locking systems are fitted as standard to all doors, ensuring the highest levels of safety and security for your home. You can also select our high-security cylinder locking mechanisms, tested to Pas 24 requirements, for enhanced security.

Arcadia Composite Doors are fitted to an Inliten steel reinforced door frame. A range of door threshold options are available, including low/flush thresholds for unrestricted access and enhanced weather-resistance.

RAL coloured composite door with decorative glass

Stylish doors in a huge range styles & finishes

The single rebated Composite Door range features a number of classic and contemporary styles, completed with an authentic grain-effect finish and decorative glass option. Each decorative unit is handcrafted in our in-house glass studio and includes bevel, lead, resin and sandblast designs. A number of unglazed/solid door options are also available, as are matching sidelights.

Composite door slabs are fitted to high-performance 70mm Inliten door frames and feature a fully sculptured finish. Both the door slab and frame are available in a range of colour options from grain-effect foils to spray-painted RAL colours.

Double or triple glazing with a range of options for our composite doors

28mm double or 50mm triple glazing units available

Available with 28mm double or 50mm triple glazing, Inliten’s exceptional levels of energy performance ensure you enjoy savings on home heating bills and reduced carbon emissions. The Arcadia composite door collection offers an extensive range of traditional and modern glass designs. All designs are handcrafted at our in-house glass studio.

Select from our ‘Classic’ range with its popular designs of both traditional and contemporary styles, or from our ‘Deluxe’ range with its stylish and eye-catching designs, which will add that extra dimension to your door. In addition to clear glass, we also offer a range of textured/obscure glass options.

Exceptional levels of strength, security, energy efficiency and weather performance | huge choice of styles, colour and glass

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