Unrestricted access to your outdoor space, making the garden or patio an extension of the house

French Doors

French Doors add a real sense of style to any home and are ideal for use in sunrooms, conservatories and living rooms that would benefit from easier and better access between the home and the garden. French doors can also be used as a grand front entrance.

With their double opening facility, French doors open inwards or outwards, and offer almost unrestricted access to your outdoor space, making the garden or patio an extension of the house. French doors also provide maximum light exposure and, even when closed, extended views of the garden or surrounding area.

  • Inliten 70mm high performance frame system
  • Steel reinforcement in sash and outer frame
  • Double or triple glazing, with a WER A rating as standard
  • 15 year guarantee

A rated residential door profile shot

Multi-chambered profile for excellent thermal performance

Multi-chambers within the frame, combined with high-performance double glazing, ensures that French Doors provide excellent levels of thermal performance.

Inliten French Doors are fitted with Float/Soft Coat double glazing units, ensuring savings on home heating bills and reduced carbon emissions. Available with either double or triple glazing – allowing all the benefits that come with a French Door without having to compromise on energy efficiency.

Multi-point door locking system on a uPVC door panel

Secure multi-point locking mechanism as standard

Advanced manufacturing techniques ensure that all our frames are mechanically strong, tough and durable, backed by a 15 year product performance guarantee.

French doors are fitted with multi-point locking mechanisms, ensuring that both openings remain safely and securely fixed together when in their locked position. Restrictors are fitted as standard to all outward opening doors for additional safety.

RAL colour & woodgrain finishes for upvc doors

A range of grained foils & RAL spray-painted finishes

French Doors are manufactured to specific size requirements and can be fitted with a panel and glazing unit, or glazing unit only. A range of panel designs are available, including our popular tongue and groove style Newry half panel. French Doors can be further personalised with the addition of Georgian bar, Astrical bar or decorative glass design, eg: diamond lead.

Designed to complement our Inliten window and door range, French doors feature a sculptured frame finish and are available in a range of colour options.

A rated residential door profile shot

Efficient 24mm double or 36mm triple glazed units

Inliten French Doors are available with either energy efficient 24mm double or 36mm triple glazed units.

For optimum security, all Inliten door glazing units use toughened glass – which is 4-5 times more difficult to break than standard glass – on both the outside and inside panes of the glazing unit.

15 year frame and panel guarantee* | huge choice of designs and glass | enhanced security

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