Camden is committed to sustainability. We have invested heavily in our own onsite recycling facilities, helping us create the greenest and most environmentally sustainable product range on the market today. Our recycling facility reduces the amount of waste going to landfill by approximately 150 tonnes per week.

1. We collect post-consumer frames to save them from ending up in landfill.

2. And process these into our recycling facility.

3. Frames are then crushed so that they are more manageable. Metal and gaskets are separated from PVC which is sent for recycling.

4. The PVC granules are then milled into a fine powder so that it can be made into new product.

5. At the extrusion line, the recycled powder begins to form the profile.

6. The recycled content makes up 80% of the profile which, thanks to dual extrusion, is covered with virgin skin to create our unique frames.

7. Finally, the frames are foiled to give them a perfect finish.

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  • 80% Recycled