Carbon Trust

The Carbon Trust are an expert partner for businesses, governments and organisations around the world – supporting them in realising ambitious plans for a sustainable, low carbon future.  They believe that environmental sustainability and economic prosperity can go hand-in-hand as we address the climate crisis.

Their mission is to accelerate the delivery of a sustainable, low carbon economy by helping businesses, governments and organisations across the globe to reduce carbon emissions and increase resource efficiency.

After working with the Carbon Trust we are delighted to have established a ‘Carbon Trust Footprint Label’ accreditation on our A-rated windows. This has included a site visit from the Trust, who came to our 42-acre site in Northern Ireland to find out about our environmental and manufacturing processes, making Camden the only PVC and door manufacturer in the UK and Ireland to achieve this accreditation.

Launched in 2007, their Footprint Label provides assurance on our commitment to sustainability. With consumers increasingly asking questions and making more informed decisions on where they choose to spend their money, we feel that gaining this universally recognised endorsement is the perfect way for us to communicate to our customers how dedicated we are to innovation to reduce our carbon footprint.

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