The new exterior trend within the housing market is to add a splash of colour to your windows and doors.

Henry Ford once said “you can have any colour you like as long as it’s black”. The same could have been said for uPVC windows and doors when they were first launched to the market with white being the customer’s only option.

Over the past few years however, we have seen a new transformation on the modern house … colour. With TV shows such as Grand Designs showcasing different homes, apps like Pinterest becoming more and more popular and just a general availability of inspirational ideas for homes more accessible, the everyday customer has more courage to be daring. From green to grey, the trend has emerged to ditch the traditional white look in change of being bold and adding personality to your windows and doors.

Coloured door

It has now become common to see a home with oak uPVC windows and a beautiful Chartwell green door. However, the most popular colour trend is Charcoal grey.

So what is the reason for this turn in colour trends? The main motivation for people to change is that the manufacturers are creating more and more choice for the consumer. Camden Group offer a wide range of colours on the RAL chart.

As well as customers being given more access to colour, the modern home design lends itself to a more contemporary colours such as blue. With more large scale doors and statement windows being a staple in any new home, customers are happy to draw more attention to their window frames by adding a splash of colour and particular a bold colour.

Although vibrant coloured frames lend themselves to the modern style home, traditional home refurbishments are stepping in on the movement. Traditional homes are replacing their old white uPVC windows and changing for a more up to date modern feel.

Grey windows

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