When manufacturing and delivering large volumes of uPVC products weekly across the UK and Ireland, we value the importance of maintaining our quality on all doors. That’s why Camden are delighted to announce two new products ensuring the protection of our frames; Protective caps and corners.

No corners have been cut with this new initiative … each cap is branded and bespoke to Camden Group covering areas on the door that are difficult to cover singularly; such as the door hinges and locks.

This resourceful strategy is to make sure that every corner and detail of our products will be protected during dispatch, meaning every product gets to every customer in the same standard it left our factories.

The corner protectors are made from a high impact polypropylene ensuring they are impact resistant. What makes our corner protectors unique is that they are designed to fit securely onto each corner and can be easily removed by our customer.

The new bespoke Camden door caps are having a massive impact on maintaining the quality of our doors.

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