uPVC Windows

Combining innovative design with advanced manufacturing techniques, Camden have taken uPVC windows to a new level in terms of energy efficiency, sustainability, durability and strength.

Get the best of all worlds with Camden windows; strength and security for peace of mind, stunning looks with a fully sculptured and silk-smooth finish, and superb energy efficiency with A-Rating as standard and u-Values as low as 0.8 with triple glazing.

Camden produce some of the greenest window products in the market thanks to our recycling capabilities and innovative co-extrusion process. Add to that an unrivalled 15 year manufacturer’s warranty on both frames and sealed glass units plus a huge choice of styles and colours, and it is easy to see why Camden windows are the best selling trade frame in the UK and Ireland.

  • Unique 70mm profile system
  • Multi-point locking systems as standard
  • Secure, stylish and versatile product range
  • Energy efficient with low u-values
  • Sustainably made 
  • 15 year guarantee
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More Information

  • Casement

    The traditional Casement style window is the most popular and versatile window design. With a wide range of styles and decorative finishes available, these windows can compliment any home style.


    Casement windows are strong and secure, offering superb protection against the wind and rain. Side or top hinged, casement windows are the most energy-efficient option for most homes.

  • Tilt & Turn

    With their innovative hinge system, Tilt and Turn windows offer added safety and convenience features to the traditional casement window.


    Tilt and Turn windows are incredibly functional and easy to operate. In the ‘Tilt Position’ the top tilts in towards the room to provide enhanced ventilation. In the ‘Turn Position’ the window opens inwards a full 90 degrees, making it suitable as a fire escape exit and also allowing the exterior of the window to be safely and easily cleaned from inside the house.

  • French Windows

    Stylish, secure and versatile, French windows add a sense of elegance to any home.


    With two outward openings, and the facility to open either one side or both sides simultaneously, French windows maximise ventilation and also serve as a fire escape exit.


  • Shaped Windows

    Shaped frames can create a charming and unique look to any new build or renovation project. Through our advanced moulding and forming technology, we can create frames in virtually any shape, such as round portholes, Gothic arches and asymmetrical designs.


    All shaped frames are designed to compliment our Camden window and door range, with a fully sculptured frame finish and a range of colour and glazing options available.

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'A' Energy rated as standard

Every Camden window is designed for enhanced energy and thermal performance. Inliten’s multi-chamber design minimises heat loss through the frame, whilst the Soft Coat glass, warm edge spacer bars and high-performance glazing reflects internal heat back into the home whilst absorbing solar energy from outside. 


High security window system

Tough, robust and durable. Camden frames are made to measure, fully welded, internally beaded and steel reinforced for maximum strength and structural integrity.


Camden windows are also fitted with a high performance multi-point locking mechanism as standard, ensuring the highest levels of safety and security for your home. All window components and hardware are specifically selected and fitted to ensure ease of use and long term performance.


A range of grained foils and RAL colour finishes

Fully sculptured for enhanced visual appeal, Camden windows are available in a vast range of styles and colours with the option of adding Georgian or Astrical bars for a more traditional appearance.


For maximum personalisation, Camden windows are available in a range of colour options, from authentic grain-effect foils to spray-painted RAL colours. Oak, Rosewood, Black, White Cream and Charcoal Grey are all available as standard.


High performance double and triple glazing

Available with 28mm double or 40mm triple glazing, Camden’s exceptional levels of energy performance ensure you enjoy savings on home heating bills and reduced carbon emissions. For maximum performance, our high-performance triple glazed windows (fitted with Soft Coat Xtra glass and Argon gas) achieve whole window U-values as low as 0.8 w/m2K.

Window Brochure

Download our window brochure to discover the various styles and finishes. 

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  • Competitive Turnaround

  • 5 Trade Centres

  • 15 Year Guarantee

  • Trading Since 1983

  • 80% Recycled